Imagine yourself on the other side…

• You feel wiser, stronger, and more confident in who you are
• You have clear boundaries in your relationships — you feel empowered!
• You’ve healed a core wound such as rejection, abandonment, or unworthiness and you feel more peace than ever before
• You are THRIVING in your sense of self-love + self-worth
• You feel a deep sense of spiritual connection, inner wisdom + purpose
• You know that your ancestors on the other side are walking with you on your path, providing you with deep healing, love, + protection

Here’s a sampling of what is possible when you show up fully and commit to yourself:

• Give yourself permission to succeed and achieve more than you previously thought possible
• Set healthy boundaries and own your worth
• Feel worthy and capable of creating better relationships
• Blossom into full authenticity: discover your true needs and desires
• Go from struggle to “flow.” Re-define self-care and implement it daily
• Feel safe within, become increasily rooted in your goodness and wholeness
• Feel more connected to life. Know that you truly belong
• Step into your purpose and dreams; go for what you really want.

let's do this →

So, what do we cover within BE MAGNETIC Mastermind?

Each month you will get two group calls + 1:1 call with me to focus on your priorities, main challenges, and any blocks. You will also get two group calls to connect with the community of like-minded individuals and learn from various tools and techniques I have learnt in the past 6 years, exploring topics related to mindset, spirituality, healing the mother & father wound (Reparenting yourself), inner child healing, relationships, sex, communication, and wellness.
The weekly training will be coupled with journal prompts, meditations and other relevant tools and resources that’ll help shift your state and move forward with momentum.
Make your dream life your real life.
If you are often dissatisfied with the world, you see around you, consider maybe that’s because the world you desire is the one you’re here to help create.
Let that sink in for a moment…
It's my mission to connect you to the true power you have so that you may live your life. Without limits.
If you’re ready to discover what BE MAGNETIC looks like for you, it’s time.

How do I become a member?

Book in a quick 15min call to see if this is the right space for you.

The investment is a ‘no brainer’ and if you can’t attend the live sessions, you can watch the replay at your own time.
This isn’t another online course or digital product you purchase and forget all about it.

BE MAGNETIC is a reminder that your commitment to your self-growth is the best investment you can ever make.

I understand that not everyone can afford to spend thousands on private 1:1 coaching with me, attending seminars, courses and retreats.

But I wholeheartedly believe everyone (including you who has read this far) who is committed to becoming the greatest version of themselves can invest with time and energy.

This is an investment that’ll pay dividends in ways you cannot even fathom right now. I believe, however, that if something feels like a worthy investment, you will make an effort to prioritise getting your value from it.

Everything you desire to create is available to you.
We’re just here to support you and hold you accountable in redesigning your life.
See you on the inside.

hello there.

I’m lahaina,
YOUR personal cheerleader

My mission and vision is to help conscious women heal, expand and return to their power so they can live their purpose and full potential.

HYPE GIRL, confidence COACH, photographer, life enthusiast



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