Through my blend of spiritual and practical practices I help women to trust and love themselves deeply, so they can stop settling, start setting boundaries, and no longer seek approval from others. 

But it has not always been this way.
I got my heart broken when I was only 2yrs old and my mum left
I get it, she was 19 and was super overwhelmed with being a mum so she left me with my dad.
I grew up thinking I was not magnetic, not even enough to keep my own mum around.
I went on in life to get my heart broken over and over again.

I became so fiercely independent so young; I've been super resilient and always been able to fend for myself out in the world
Because how else would I survive??

Of course, I had my dad, but he is a very emotional guy, so I feel like I was caring for him as much as for myself.

From a humble beginning in Brazil, I’ve started my big adventure when I migrated across the globe to the land of the Kangaroos in Australia, at 23years old I had only $1000 dollars in my pocket. I wanted to learn English and travel the world.

I came across personal development at age 35 at an immersive 3-day workshop at The Landmark Forum, little did I know, the knowledge I absorbed from this seminar marked the start of my life’s work and obsession with understanding mindset and human behaviour, and the reality hit - I get to manipulate reality to work FOR me, not against me.

i just love being myself, at any time & any place

I’m a Confidence & Freedom Coach, I support conscious women to create Embodied & Empowered lives. 

About Me

I’ve realised I could be my most authentic self without fear, judgment or holding back and I can change my reality just by changing my thoughts, feelings
and beliefs.

For the first time, I stopped allowing my past to determine my future. With these new insights, I began making improvements in my life. As a result, I started to attract more positive experiences, which grew as I kept reading, learning, studying, applying, and practicing various healing and coaching techniques.

Since starting my journey, I’ve created EVERYTHING I have in my life today. From my Photography business, to working full time in my Coaching business, to my dream partner and various delicious relationships. I get to live life by design and be abundant in every way.

Now my purpose has grown WAY beyond just changing my life. I believe I was put here on this planet to make a massive difference and remind others of their infinite potential.

fun facts about me

•  Outside coaching my clients, I am usually working on my business, creating content for social media, recording my Podcast, attending workshops and retreats
•  I work with multiple coaches at a time to support my growth in various areas such as Business, Spirituality and Health & Wellbeing
•  I speak English, Portuguese & Spanish
•  I’m an extrovert, I have lots of friends and enjoy time out and about and connecting with amazing human beings
•  I love traveling and exploring new places
•  I’m quite woo woo, I love all topics related to spirituality and quantum leaping
•  Above all else, I’m a human on her own personal journey of growth. I’m not perfect, I don’t pretend to be and I sure don’t expect you to be either


• I'm a Certified Coach,  Hypnotherapist and Breathwork Facilitator 
• I help women to turn on their innermost radiance & confidence through activating their unique gifts
• My mission & the legacy is deeply connected to empowering women to get back to themselves and their power, breakthrough conditioning, trauma and the constrains of our patriarchal society.

let's work together

your most confident
& healed self

Start feeling worthy, valuable and deserving of the best that life has to offer. Become magnetic and live from a frequency where you attract all that you desire . 



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